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Elixir Protocols — Implementing Inspect over custom data type

Protocols are one of the concepts we don’t use often in our projects.
Check out how we can redesign the output for a specific data type while inspecting.


Protocols are not limited to this feature.

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How to use Chart.js in Phoenix

Data looks more beautiful in Charts and Graphical Representation.

The top 3 challenges faced in production runtime & debugging them.

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This article isn’t about how to code. It talks about some experiences with Elixir

TQ Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Elixir - Understand Data Immutability

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This article comprises a simple example with an anonymous function that explains the data immutability in Elixir Programming.

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It talks about 5 unique ways of coding in Elixir that you might not have tried in elixir.

  1. Converting The Improper lists to Binary
    <picture of the iolist definition in the erlang source code>

Ah, I see that you found that as well :slight_smile:

I still wonder who’s tony in that comment.

Btw, I later found that Elixir has a wrapper for :erlang.iolist_to_binary: IO — Elixir v1.11.4 (but not for :erlang.iolist_to_iovec)

Which Comment?

BTW, I searched for improper list to understand deep insights, then I found your article in the search results. It’s very informative.

Glad you read mine.

Thank You :slight_smile:

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This line:

** iotail ::= []
**        |   Binary  (added by tony)
**        |   iolist
**        ;

I believe it’s Tony Rogvall, which is one of the erlang/otp contributors, but I’m not sure at all :sweat_smile:
It was a bit funny when I read that

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I did not notice that :wink:

I think originally, iotail can only be iolist. Then unicode and binary string become quite popular, if someone want to parse a unicode binary string one would use string:next_codepoint/1 and it will return a [First_char | Remain] cons cell, where Remain is a binary if you pass a binary in. It would be a shame that it is not a legal iolist.


In this article we are going to see the optimal way to develop a big string from the pieces of strings. We also look into why IO Lists are used for rendering templates in Phoenix and why this is the best approach.

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The following are the two use cases we are going to cover in this article.

  • Multi Node Communication via server messages using multi_call
  • Converting Asynchronous request to Synchronous

Two new life saving functions worth knowing | Elixir 1.12 | tap & then

New improvements tap/2 and then/2 in Kernel module Elixir 1.12

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This article is all about knowing the two newly added macros then/2 and tap/2 from Kernel module.

Here, we cover some real world situations with simple examples where these functions would be useful.

How I fell into a pit for the default behavior of a function Map.get/3 in Elixir.
A strange experience.
Bugs treat all developers equally. So, treat all bugs equally.

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New Features in Elixir 1.13.0

This article comprises

  1. Different ways of using the new function Enum.slide/3
  2. Getting to know the IEX Autocompletion on sigils and structs and struct fields in an iex session
  3. Experiencing the improvement on Syntax Error Report
  4. Experiencing the Power operator ** from Kernel module
  5. How to use the new function Keyword.validate/2
  6. Newly added functions Task.ignore/1 and Task.completed/1
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Sending Message Never Fail

Read :point_down:

Developing Facebook Chat Bot

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This is a series of 5 articles the guides you in developing the facebook chat bot from scratch from creating Facebook Developer account to Sending and Receiving Messages to Bot by adding Webhooks.

The following links are the parts of this series.
PART-1| PART 2 | PART-3 | PART-4 | PART-5

Elixir Elixir Application Start Phases — Primary & Included applications

Elixir Developer must know about application

This article explains Application start phases in live by creating applications and adding lines of code. At the end of this article you will learn more about the Elixir application and its start phases in depth.

Check out
Elixir 1.14 Release Candidate in action
Improvements in Debugging

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