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3 Differences between Keyword Vs Map

It contains beautiful arts explains the differences between the Keyword and Map


Smart Work Distribution across Nodes/Process | Data Partition |Elixir-Erlang

Random Similar Hash for the same term irrespective of executing in a another node or process.
Good one for Resource Allocation.

The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Custom Mix Task Generators

Stop wasting hours on mundane tasks! :weary::computer: Say hello to your new productivity hack: the Elixir Mix Task Generator :rocket::raised_hands: Check out my latest blog post to learn how this ultimate task can change your workflow for the better! :muscle::bulb:


Trace Messages like a Pro!

Take your Elixir debugging skills to the next level with the ultimate guide to OTP Process tracing on Medium! :rocket::man_technologist: Unlock the power of tracing and conquer complex issues with ease.
#ElixirLang #OTPTracing #DebuggingTips

Supercharge Your App Development in 2023 and Beyond
Discover the Advantages of Elixir for Modern Application Development

In this blog post, we’ll create a fun command line game using Elixir.
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a good understanding of how to use Elixir to develop simple command line games. So, let’s dive in and start coding our own guessing game in Elixir!

The idea of pinned variables and variables in Elixir’s pattern matching.