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I came across this nice blog post by @devonestes and thought, since our Blog Posts thread is now huge, wouldn’t it be great to have separate threads for specific kinds of blog posts?

Well let’s start with this one! :003:

If you come across any blog posts that promotes or evangelises (or basically says nice things about Elixir!) please feel free to add them to this thread :023:


Ran across this today, it’s fascinating seeing people’s conversion experiences. :slight_smile:

Elixir Blog Posts

Nice to see You enjoy Elixir @sihui_io :slight_smile:


totally! :smiley:


@sihui_io nice blogpost. I remember you were playing with iex source code. I wonder your story behind contribute elixir source code. I always want to contribute elixir but i still find elixir source code too complex and scary. As you guess i am new to programing world. I would like to read your contribute story from your perspective


Awesome blog post @sihui_io (and nice find ODL!) :023: I moved the link/comments to this thread too :003:


Thanks for the encouragement, @dokuzbir! I will share my story next :slight_smile:


Finally get the time to write this out! :smiley:


thanks @sihui_io this is more than my expectation. I just was expecting a simple story but you made a detailed guide. Elixir community always makes me surprised.


Two Years of Elixir at Podium: Thoughts by Trevor Fenn


Brilliant write up by the @podium crew! Great to see they’ve had such a fantastic experience with Elixir :023:

Reading the post also reminded me of this tune :003: