Book Programming Phoenix 1.3, really?

Hi !

I just finished the Udemy Stephen Grider course about Elixir & Phoenix (V1.2) and in the last section, we learn that Phoenix will be updated and couple of things should be changed, so I am looking for a new course with that learn Phoenix V1.3(rc).

It appears the book “Programming Phoenix 1.3” is released since December 2017 but in :

we can see the Phoenix V1.3-rc0 was released on March, 2 (according to :

So the book learn really the Phoenix V1.3 or V1.3 it’s just the “book version” ?

Thanks you !

The book “Programming Phoenix 1.3” is scheduled for release in December this year. It’ll cover the still not stable released changes, we currently see in the release candidates of phoenix. So the book’s V1.3 does correspond to the phoenix version.

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