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Learn more, at a discount! All of our ebooks*, screencasts, and audio books are on sale for 40% off until December 1, 2017. Use coupon code turkeysale2017 when checking out at

And save 40% on all Pragmatic Studio courses by using coupon code THANKS2017, from our friends over at the Pragmatic Studio!


If you were having difficult ordering from Pragprog in their sale, try now :023:


$150 paid yearly - save 34%


Pragprog sale still on (till Friday) as is Dave’s course :023:

Didn’t Manning have a Black Friday sale this year? :confused:


Probably too soon after their Halloween (and the days leading up to it) sale.
PS: Nov. 24-27 there was a 50% off over $50 and 40% off under.


FYI: For a long while Packt Publishing has been giving away a free ebook a day (an account with them is required) at:

For example today (2017-12-04): it’s Python Machine Learning 1e

They are typically older, possibly previous edition books (Python Machine Learning 2e released Sept 2017) - but sometimes it’s worth the download.
######Fineprint: Skim through it first before you decide to commit serious time to it.


I have been collecting many interesting titles from there. So many books, so little time :frowning:


Manning: Countdown to 2018:
code: dotd120817

(until 05:59 UTC)

MEAP - catalog

FYI: Phoenix in Action is a MEAP with the first two chapters available. Sample Geoffrey Lessel’s writing on his blog (and some of his work on GitHub).


Free E-Book

Cloud native infrastructure is more than servers, network, and storage in the cloud—it is as much about operational hygiene as it is about elasticity and scalability.

####Cloud Native Landscape


Happy Holidays! Get our eBooks for only $19.99 each
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Picked up:

Handbook of Neuroevolution Through Erlang 2013 (PDF/ePub Regular $149.00)
Principles of Protocol Design 2008 (PDF-only Regular $129.00)

Which book to read?

Manning: Countdown to 2018:
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Manning Deal of the Day 2017-12-31

MEGADEAL! Half off all MEAPs and eBooks!
Use code DOTD123117 at checkout[/quote]


Manning Deal of the Day 2018-01-01

Happy New Year and Half Off Everything!!
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42% off everything at @ManningBooks until Feb 8.
Use code wm020118lt


Manning Deal of the Day 2018-02-21

Get Half off Elixir in Action, Second Edition
Use code DOTD022118 at checkout before this deal expires

Use this same code to get half off Phoenix in Action and The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook


Manning Deal of the Day 2018-03-12

Get Half off Phoenix in Action
Use code DOTD031218 at checkout before this deal expires

Use this same code to get half off Elixir in Action, Second Edition and The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook


Apply the discount coupon wm031618lt to get all of the MEAP books at 50% off including Elixir in Action 2nd Ed.


Seems to work on non-MEAP eBooks as well.

OK, so here are the details:

Limericks! and half off eBooks and liveVideo

Save half on all MEAPs, eBooks, and liveVideos!
Use wm031618lt at checkout.
Code expires March 21th. Only at

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Life isn’t going to throw a pot of gold your way until you invest in yourself. On this greenest of holidays, check out these books and videos that will give you the skills to get the green you want!

Elixir In Action (Manning)

That’s great!


Any discount on Developing With Elixir/OTP - Pragmatic Studio?