Bringing Types to Elixir by Giuseppe Castagna and Guillaume Duboc | ElixirConf EU 2023

Interesting talk by Guillaume Duboc about the progress of bringing set-theoretic types to Elixir.


Excellent presentation!

I wonder if Typespecs will be possible to derive automatically from the new type system?

Some of it yes in theory.

The theory support it. Hoe much of that realistically end up in elixir and how useful it is is still an open question.

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I don’t understand why the talks focus on intersection type example. I don’t think that the code I encounter daily faces that situation often. Maybe it is just an interesting theoretical problem?

The first things that I want to know about is adt’s/sum types and then records.


@josevalim is it in the plan for type system to support type aliasing? I mean example distinct type that is binary underneath but would be a distinct type of EmailAddress or type that is integer underneath but would be distinct type of UserId.


I asked this on today’s Twitch stream and the answer is yes. Twitch

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Guillaume and Jose did a Twitch Q&A today on the type system. You can watch it here.