Bugs from hell

The ones that make you go ARGHHHHHHHH! :lol:

Just today I spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t make a POST request via my app (competition site) to an external site (this forum). Everything worked fine in the console - but not in the app!

In the end I discovered that I was using the wrong variable name (‘api’ instead of ‘api_key’) - duh :icon_rolleyes: :icon_redface:

When did you last encounter a bug that made you want to scream?

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the worst thing was when I debugged an simple java application for some other students (basically everyone in the couse worked on it and it was a mess) and could not find the error.
after some time (prob an hour or so) I saw they compared strings with == instead of equals()…


It took me about hours to find missing single quotes in an erlang yecc parser.

It looked something like foo -> bar : $1 instead of foo -> bar : '$1'.

The first thing means, that when it parses some bar, then return the literal character 1 (similar to ?1 in elixir), while the latter means to return the value of the parsed bar.

Since this particular rule was also deeply burried and not so simple but involving lists and tuples it was hard to find where this improper list came from…