Bugsnag library with Umbrella applications


I’m encountering some issues to use the package bugsnag-elixir in an umbrella application.

The bugsnag logger doesn’t catch any uncaught exceptions… if I manually run this code:

# Report an exception.
try do
  :foo = :bar
  exception -> Bugsnag.report(exception)

it works well. So it is not a problem with the library itself but more with the umbrella architecture.

I’ve added in my mix.exs root:

defp deps do
    [{:bugsnag, "~> 1.5.0"}]

and I have two apps in the apps folder :

i’ve added

      extra_applications: [:bugsnag, :runtime_tools]

in the application method.

Is anyone has a clue on what I’m missing ?

In which mix.exs do you add

defp deps do
    [{:bugsnag, "~> 1.5.0"}]


If it’s in the “root” of your project, then it won’t be visible to your “apps”. You would need to add :bugsnag to each of them in their own mix files.

In the mixfile of the global umbrella application