Build it with Phoenix, deps versions

Build it with Phoenix is a nice course by Geoffrey Lessel @geo. But if you start with Phoenix 1.7.2 or even 1.7.0, you’ll get stuck at video 7.

So please start with installing the archive for 1.7.0-rc.2.

mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.7.0-rc.2

@pillaiindu Can you give me a little bit more information on what gets you stuck using the latest version of Phoenix? I do know that there is a deprecation that starts in video 8 but I already have a pre-8 video out that goes over what needs to change in the following video (until I’m able to completely re-record 8).

I had downloaded all the videos because I’m on a slow internet connection, dragged and dropped all the videos on VLC and missed pre-8 video.
Later I saw the pre-8 video, and I sent another message to inform everyone about that. But sadly, it didn’t work for me even then. So I had to delete the second message.

I downloaded source code for Programming Phoenix LiveView book. I don’t own the book, but even then you can download the code. I saw that they’re also using LiveView 0.18.3. I hope the stable version is released soon, so that each of these learning resources is updated.