Building a JSON API in Elixir with Phoenix 1.5+

I think™ JWT is part of the json-api spec. I’d recommend using it regardless as token based auth is much nicer for an api than session based auth.

I just came across this tutorial and I am must confess that this is the best of any other tutorial I have seen so far on google, @zenw0lf, you did a nice job seeing you put it into consideration of people who are new into the elixir/phoenix tech.


Hello @issoft, I don’t think this is the right place to start a discussion about application design.

Nonetheless, let me tell you that is better to have separate tables for users, roles and permissions. It’s easier to manage them in that way.

Have a look at the categories on the forum: you’ll surely find the right place to discuss this and other questions you might have.


okay thanks.

I found the one line of code that was missing for me… awesome. and because of that, i will now read the whole thing :clap: :bowing_man:

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I’ve reviewed and updated the guide to Phoenix 1.5 :slight_smile:


Thank you for continuing to maintain this guide! I think it is very useful guide for the community. I do think it would be nice to include a note at the top of the tutorial to state that it’s been updated for Phoenix 1.5. I didn’t notice that the title of the article says Phoenix 1.5 until I saw your latest message here. Also I’ve updated the title of this topic and link to say Phoenix 1.5 (let me know if you want to edit the initial message further).


Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I found it really helpful.

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Thanks for the update @axelson!

The title for the tutorial on my blog states that it’s for Phoenix 1.5. :+1:

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