Built Elixir from source, `mix` command gives error: "/usr/bin/env: 'elixir': No such file or directory"

Following the brief instructions for building Elixir from source, I cloned the Elixir repo, checked out branch v1.15, and did make clean compile. I then added the resultant bin folder to my PATH.

I’m able to run elixir/elixir --version just fine, but attempting to run mix commands produces the following error:
/usr/bin/env: ‘elixir’: No such file or directory

type -a elixir: elixir is /home/jm/.elixir/bin/elixir
type -a mix: mix is /home/jm/.elixir/bin/mix

The only two Google results I could find for this env output specific to elixir are related to failed installations via asdf, which I’m obviously not using, and would like to avoid if possible (I’ve had terrible experiences with version management tools in the past, in particular with ops related to upgrades and/or uninstalling, and using one generally shouldn’t be a requirement).

Turns out, the solution was to change my PATH inclusion from ~/.elixir to $HOME/.elixir