Bun JavaScript integration package


Bun is a new all-in-one toolkit for Javascript: bundler, test runner, package manager, dev. environment, etc. It can do what Esbuild does, and more.

I’ve just published a package heavily inspired in the Esbuild integration package made by Wojtek Mach and José Valim that is adapted to install and invoke Bun.

I am using it in a personal project of mine and the switch from Esbuild requires very minimal changes. Then, it allows you to install and the many node packages available without requiring NodeJS or NPM. It also supports TypeScript, JSX, CSS, WASM, and many more (even Rust!).

Anyway. If you want to check it out you can take a look at the GitHub Repo and the Hex.pm package.

Thanks again to @josevalim and @wojtekmach for creating the Esbuild packge :bowing_man: which I used as a base.


It seems that you have some typos in readme:

def deps do
    {:bun, "~> 0.1", runtime: Mix.env() == :dev}

While the name of the package is elixir_bun on hex.

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Thanks for noticing this @D4no0 . I planned to name the project just bun bun when I was trying to push it to Hex.pm I found out that the name was already taken :cry:

I renamed it to elixir_bun but seems that I forgot to change it in a few places. Will do it right now.

EDIT: fixed just now. Thanks again.