Can conform work with tuples?

Hi, I’m using conform to configure my deployments, and I’m having some weird results with a line in my configuration that I consider quite normal and I guess pretty common:

config :ueberauth, Ueberauth,
  providers: [ fitzy: { Ueberauth.Strategy.Fitzy, [] } ]

The schema conform generates seems alright:

"ueberauth.Elixir.Ueberauth.providers.fitzy": [
  commented: false,
  datatype: {:atom, :binary},
  default: {Ueberauth.Strategy.Fitzy, []},
  doc: "Provide documentation for ueberauth.Elixir.Ueberauth.providers.fitzy here.",
  hidden: false,
  to: "ueberauth.Elixir.Ueberauth.providers.fitzy"

Then after generating the actual .conf things get very weird:

ueberauth.Elixir.Ueberauth.providers.fitzy = Elixir.Ueberauth.Strategy.Fitzy = ""

What is this?
And how to put that {Ueberauth.Strategy.Fitzy, []} in a valid YAML for puppet to pick it up?