Can I use Quasar with Phoenix?


Something like 8 years ago, I did web development using ExtJS which was popular at the time. I have not done much development since then, but I am retired and have an app I would like to make happen. I want to use Phoenix for the extreme efficiency with real time connections, but I love the features of Quasar for 1 code set for all platforms etc. and the tight integration with VueJS.

Is it possible and practical to use both? Are there any examples? ( My Google-Fu failed me on that search. Maybe that answers my first question.)

Would love it if someone can point me in the right direction or let me know if I’ve got it all wrong and the 2 are not compatible.

Just trying to get back up on the learning curve. So much has changed since I was last doing development.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hello and welcome,

I cannot tell about Quasar, as I have never used it, but it looks like a frontend framework, like Create React App would be.

You end up duplicating some functionalities, like having a web server, an asset bundler.

You have already a webpack pipeline in Phoenix.

So, it is possible to keep them separate, as they are autonomous, or merge them.

You can use them both, using Phoenix as the backend, and Quasar as the frontend.

But if You want to merge them, You would need to include Quasar pipeline in Phoenix webpack pipeline.

I use React with Phoenix, but I would not use Create React App with it.

But many use Vue.js instead.

I far prefer that. Backend & frontend separate projects. I’ve used Quasar, as an SPA, communicating with Phoenix entirely over websockets after the intial page load–and I’m pretty happy with it.