Cannot attach to running process: No running Erlang on pipe

Hi all.

I’m unable to attach to the running process on my production server. It has been working fine earlier. I’m deploying using edeliver/distellery. I haven’t made any changes to the deployment setup. The server was restarted recently.

I get the following error:

No running Erlang on pipe path_to_app/erl_pipes/pace@ No such device or address

The application is running just fine. I’m able to access the Phoenix part through a browser.

I’m running Elixir 1.5 & Erlang 19

Any suggestions is much appreciated :smile:


When starting the app I can see the following message in log

Protocol ‘inet_tcp’: the name pace@ seems to be in use by another Erlang node

The problems was that I’ve got a systemd auto starter on this server to ensure it stays up :blush: And it was starting it automatically.