Cannot start a phoenix app

Hi there,

I am unable to add a new phoenix app to an existing umbrella project (there’s little guidance for this in the docs btw)

from the apps folder i am running

mix reef --no-webpack --no-html --no-gettext --no-dashboard --no-ecto

i just want to make a json api (for which there’s little help around specially given i don’t need a db)

the runs fine … i say Y to the deps get stuff … then i try mix phx.server from either the root folder or the apps/reef folder and the app seems to start fine …

ex> mix phx.server

11:46:23.451 [warn] no configuration found for otp_app :reef and module ReefWeb.Endpoint

11:46:23.471 [info] Access ReefWeb.Endpoint at http://localhost

however neither localhost, localhost:4000,, works from neither chrome nor safari

i am on a mac with phoenix 1.5.7 … elixir 1.11.2 … the code is here

if i try those steps from another folder on my machine the app does start … that’s why im suspecting it’s related to the umbrella setup

thank you very much

Hello and welcome,

You are pointing to a wrong endpoint in your config/config.exs

# Configures the endpoint
config :reef, Reef.Endpoint,

It should be ReefWeb.Endpoint


thank you for the quick response … i switched to task instead and that worked