Can't access from my home network


Sorry for the possible question misplacing but I don’t now where can I ask about it.

I’ve got a weird situation with access. I always get ERR_CONNECTION_RESET when I try to open from my home network. Any device, any OS, any browser within the network produce the same situation. If I connect from any other place with the same devices - everything is ok. All other resources (sites) work well. I’ve faced this situation for the first time a few months ago and since then can’t get any info from

Please point me to the place where I can resolve the situation.


Do other people using the same ISP have the same problem?

Have you tried using another router? Have you tripple-checked its firewall?

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Tell me - do you have IPV6 enabled by your ISP?

you can test it here. If it says:

No IPv6 address detected
You appear to be able to browse the IPv4 Internet only. You will not be able to reach IPv6-only sites.

This means your IPv6 support is off. Otherwise it may be on, or partially on which may be worst.

I had the problem with reaching to some sites because they were slightly misconfigured (this forum site as well), and I had to disable IPV6 altogether on my Internet connection (Orange Poland).

I don’t have IPv6 connection enabled to check this is the issue now, but I do think it may be (although the ipv6 validators say the site works under IPv6 - I would not trust this is completely good test).

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Can’t say much about other ppl, but firewall is ok. And if there is any problems with the firewall then I would get problems with other sites too.

But it seems that the problem could be with IPv6.

Thanks for the tip!

Seems that IPv6 might be the problem. I’m getting much worse ping results (29ms with IPv4 and around 200ms with IPv6, as well as packets lost on IPv6) and it’s Teredo. Pretty weird thing is that is the only site I’m getting troubles with.

It may be misconfigured for IPv6. I will check that later and poke appropriate people to fix it if that is the case.

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Thanks a lot!

I will also try to disable IPv6 on my PC a little bit later to be sure.

Sorry for a long reaction, I missed your reply.

Yes, I know about mirrors, but Google returns results from the primary site with corresponding links. It’s not very convenient to manually change every link.

I didn’t let you know the results, I am sorry.

The web site seems to work correctly over IPv6. I don’t know what can be the probem, guss we’re back to square one.

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It is because of Cloudflare. Cloudflare always has issues with certain providers (or certain countries) and certain setups. Others like Fastly have similar issues. Only way for Elixir to really fix it is to move it to another server that does direct hosting (I have one if needed, that is what my mirror runs on).

Thanks a lot for your time and efforts! I’ll try to communicate with my internet provider support as it might be connected some how with their settings.

I’ve asked some of my friends to make tests with connection and IPv6 connection, hope to get results soon.

So after some investigation I’ve come to mind that it’s a provider-wide problem: none of the clients of the my internet provider have access to and some of them have only IPv4 enabled.

Will update the thread after I call to support (when I back home).

Yep, it is likely because they refuse to talk with that cloudflare IP that happens to be allocated to Elixir’s site in your location.

It’s a shame name servers are not queried in order, otherwise we could set up several fail-safes.

Of course not, they are distributed randomly to help equalize load. :slight_smile:

The main thing is that Cloudflare needs to be Gone from anything related to Elixir (and likewise things like Fastly need to never be added either). This is a major issue with such services (in other language areas as well like Ruby and Maven’s systems).

Hi again!

After some time spent on investigation (both mine and provider support guys) and testing it became clear that IPv4 (!!!) connection doesn’t work from my ISP network. The endpoint refuses IPv4-connection. Now I have correctly configured IPv6 settings and routing and everything works as it should - but with IPv6 connection only. Since IPv4-connection reset happens from the other side it looks like the problem in the cloudflare or configuration (at least it is the first thought).

My ISP support would like to discuss this situation with somebody from support: they are care much of their services quality and would like to solve the issue together. So if you know any contacts (e-mail, probably) I can send to them please let me know.


Looks like the problem on the cloudflare side.

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The problem is that there are not many reliable, free or cheap alternatives that support the features we need. And while it’s nice that you offer to provide your servers we can’t use servers that we don’t have control over and can’t administer if something goes wrong.

Since is hosted by Cloudflare the best thing would be if you contacted Cloudflare directly, otherwise we would just be forwarding the messages.

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@ericmj out of curiosity, the does seem like a static page so I’m not entirely sure what are the requirements you need from hosting?