Cant get the Ecto examples in programming phoenix to work

I have been reading the book Programming Phoenix and it seems that somethings have changed since this book was written, particularly everything. I had to change some code (especially the nomenclature of different modules) in order to get things working. Up until now I have managed to do so, but now I cant.

I am stuck at the beginning of the chapter about Ecto. So I am supposed to create a user schema and generate a migration. the code in the book is:

defmodule Rumbl.User do
 use Rumbl.Web, :model 
 schema "users" do

So with the new nomeclature it would be RumblWeb. When I try to create the migration mix tells me that there is no such ting as RumblWeb.model. He is unfortunately right :frowning: . In the book they show that web.ex should contain the model definition but it does not. Only : controller, view, router and channel are defined. What should I do?


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Use the same version of ecto and phoenix as in the book or wait for an updated release of the book covering more modern versions of the libraries.

But on a quick glance replacing use Rumb... with the following should be sufficient:

use Ecto.Schema
import Ecto.Changeset
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It worked! Thanks a lot.
What would you recommend:
Should I change and read the manual in the website or stick with the book and install an earlier version of Phoenix?

Thanks a lot!

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