Carbon Footprint: Rails vs. Phoenix

I’ll be launching a new phoenix app in the coming weeks, and I am considering highlighting elixir as a more carbon-friendly choice (compared to ruby).

The thing is, I am assuming that this is the case; is there any reason not to highlight this? I am basing my reasoning on reports I’ve read where a company went from e.g., 10 to 2 servers to do such and such, when switching to elixir / erlang.

In particular, the paragraph here,
about “Elixir / Phoenix” – am I justified in saying this?


I don’t think there has been any in-depth comparisons, but there’s certainly a number of cases where server count has gone down when moving to Elixir. So maybe simply echo that and not mention Ruby/Rails at all?

There are a number of threads in the #community:showcase-adoption section that might help :smiley: