Cassandra DB?

I’ve been trying to connect to Cassandra which is installed on AWS server, port 9042 is open, however I got timeout, I tried cqex

Did any one tried to connect to Cassandra DB successfully? can you share your setup?

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I was using cqerl. Just follow readme and you should be ok.

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Thanks, I’ve followed the readme, I’ve an open issue here if you can help me to solve it, I appreciate that.

try to do this {ok, Client} = cqerl:get_client({}). in erl or {:ok, client} = :cqerl.get_client({}) in iex. That should work

Thanks, I finally solved it! the only way that worked with me is by setting the config of cqex:

config :cqerl,
cassandra_nodes: [ “x.x.x.x:9042”],
keyspace: “my_key_space”,
auth: {:cqerl_auth_plain_handler, [{“user_name”, “password”}]}

then using client as:

client =!
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