Change the :container on multiple live routes

For the UI that I’m working on I’ve found myself having to customize the live view :container option. Currently I’ve just passed the option to each live route that needs this modification as such:

live("/buildings/:id/dashboard", Dashboard.DashboardLive, :building,
      container: {:div, class: "flex-1"}

I found myself having to apply this change to a few other routes and I’m wondering if there is a cleaner way to do this so I’m not repeatedly passing the same container options to each route. Is there a common solution to change the default container on a group of live views?

Using Phoenix v 1.5.7 and LiveView v0.15.0 (Though we are planning to upgrade to the latest versions after our next release so if there is a better solution available in a later version that is an option as well)

For others the solution my team decided on is that we modified our web file (The AppNameWeb module that is automatically generated) so that a default container is added to all live views but it can be overwritten by supplying the use macro with a :container. So now when you define a new live view module you would do something like:

use AppNameWeb, type: :live_view, container: {:div, class: "flex-1"}

Team felt that allowing you to define that container in the liveview’s module was a bit easier than having to jump over to the router for that one change. It did mean that we had to modify all our files that call use AppNameWeb since the macro had to be modified to accept a keyword list instead of just an atom.