Channels without all the other stuff?

What is the minimal setup of a phoenix project to get channels, but not all that remaining stuff like web, routing, etc?

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Probably this for your endpoint (toss out controllers, router, everything else but the socket/channel stuff):

defmodule MyServer.Endpoint do
  use Phoenix.Endpoint, otp_app: :my_server

  socket "/socket", MyServer.SetupSocket

For whatever path your want the websockets/longpolling to connect to.

Thank you for that hint, but after rethinking some aspects of the planned tool, I realized, that I probably need some of the remaining stuff as well.

So I will not be able to confirm if it is even possible to strip phoenix down this way.

It should be able to. Phoenix is mostly just more Plugs to add to Plug. ^.^

(Plus an awesome PubSub and Websocket area)