Chat Application Using Firebase and XMPP

Wanna know which is the best choice to develop a chat application Firebase or XMPP?

Any suggestion would be grateful.

I know you are looking for suggestions between the to but being as this is posted on an elixir forum I would be remiss not to say that Elixir itself would be perfect for a live chat application. Coupled with Phoenix pushing live data down over websockets has never been easier. All you need is a standard DB like postgres to store data for historical purposes. Depending on how important this information is you can even keep it in memory state via a genserver per “chat room”.

Anyways as for your original two choices. I enjoyed using firebase when I needed it and was doing most of my work in nodejs, although I switched that over to only elixir once learning about this language haha.


A chat is just the Hello world in Phoenix :slight_smile: