Chat, Screen Sharing & Whiteboard

I am kind a beginner in Elixir and Phoenix. Still exploring so I asked a question which can be topic of discussion.

For chat application which can share screen and working with whiteboard, which packages within elixir and phoenix can help.
For the chat scenario.
I know that Phoenix Channel and Presence will help.
I want to know is there any good package which can help with screen sharing and whiteboard or I need to build those functionality from ground up?
If any other suggestions beside those, you can share here.
Thanks for your patience.

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Phoenix will give You an easy bi-directional communication between clients and server.

Chat is an easy task
Screen sharing and white board can be done with webrtc
It is possible to use Phoenix as the signalling server for webrtc.

You might have to look at frontend packages too to achieve this. Or liveview maybe.


Thanks @kokolegorille .
I will look into WebRTC for screen sharing.
I will also see frontend packages and Phoenix LiveView for this aspect.

search this forum for webrtc - and might you find some good inputs… like:


Thanks @outlog. I already looked at this talk yesterday night. Its really good.

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