Choosing a lightweight CSS framework that plays well with Phoenix?

I personally still use Bootstrap, but am not super-zealous about it.

In the front-end space I’ve been really impressed by PostCSS. Nowadays I use webpack + PostCSS for all my Phoenix projects. There are some great PostCSS plugins out there – probably the one I rely on most is uncss.

With wide browser support for CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout, it’s better to use plain CSS now.


Yeah I just use SCSS + PostCSS for all my CSS, I have a large library of css that I use now borroed from a minimal base (MIT) that I have an older version of on github (I should update it). I also have EEX helpers that make using them an absolute breeze. ^.^

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Ok, after some investigation I think I’ve found where I want to go.

This article explains it nicely:

Basically, I can keep on writing HTML as I want to, using semantic tags. Then thanks to SASS I can use various frameworks (or no framework) to mark up my code without having to nest deep layers of divs and overuse of classes. If I want to change framework I don’t need to change my HTML just the css. Just how it was meant to be in the first place. We’ll see if this is actually possible in practice but if it is I would be really happy.

This avoids the CSS framework lock-in and makes my HTML maintainable and as I want it. Thanks for all the pointers everyone!