Code reload in umbrella app not working

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inotify-tools are correctly installed…


FYI: for all those that experience similar issues and stumble over this thread - the issue was caused by a linter plugin in VS Code (


Hey, I also have trouble with code reload in my umbrella app.

My umbrella is composed of 2 applications : app and app_web. Any change in app_web is hot reloaded as wanted, but I can’t make the same thing work with code in app.

Where should I start looking?



Finally got it working by switching to phoenix 1.3.2 and running phx.server from umbrella root (which I couldn’t do with 1.3.1 because of


You don’t have to depend on “inotify-tools” when using Phoenix which depends on “file_system”.

You can edit: “deps/file_system/lib/file_system/backend.ex” where in function “backend_module(nil)” you have exactly what you need to modify.

Available watchers are:

Chose your OS and change to the :fs_poll

That was the first thing I made, because I didn’t want to install “inotify-tools”.