Coherence overload?

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem with use of coherence.
Indeed, i would like to custom flash messages located in controllers (in deps folders…).

Can i overload a deps controller? Or there is an other solution for this ?

Thank you guys !

PS : I use coherence version 0.3.1

Up !

Thanks !

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Propably the best thing you could do is to either:

  • fork Coherence to your branch or customize it locally (e.g. within Umbrella) and just get it from your source
  • even better - do some changes in that lib and push Pull Request with the changes. If your customization is thing that might not be that handy for all of Coherence user, you can make it working on demand, for instance triggered by the key in the config
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You should not to need to do any of the suggestions listed so far.

First, all user facing messages in Coherence are customizable (excluding logging and mix messages). Second, Coherence allows you to generate all its controllers into your project so you have full controll. Some of the helpers are not generated, so you we need to change that functionality, you may have to do some copy and paste into a new module and hook into it from one of your projects controllers, views, or models.

All messages that originate from non generated code in Coherence use the messages.ex module in your project that was generated by the mix coh.install task. All messages also use gettext, so you have the option of changing them with that approach also.

Pull requests are good, but in this care would probably be a waste of time if the functionality already exists.

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