Coherence Reset password e-mail not working

Hi, everyone!

I’m working on a system using Coherence with a friend. Now we need to send the reset password e-mail.

However, despite the messages saying it was sent successfully, nothing happens in my testmail box.

My config:

config :coherence,
user_schema: my_app.User,
repo: my_app.Repo,
module: my_app,
logged_out_url: “/”,
email_from_name: “my_app”,
email_from_email: “my_email”,
opts: [:registerable, :trackable, :recoverable, :invitable, :authenticatable]

config :coherence, MyApp.Coherence.Mailer,
adapter: Swoosh.Adapters.Mailgun,
api_key: “key-#{my_key}”,
domain: “sandbox#{large_hex_hash}”

We tried to use the standard option with sendgrid first and the same happened. Was created a sendgrid account and mailgun account. A test with curl worked sending email to my test email box.

What are we forgeting?


maybe you still need to set up phoenix to send from your desired address. Config would look like:

Emailer Settings

config :your_app, YourApp.Mailer,
adapter: Bamboo.SMTPAdapter,
server: “smtp.domain”,
port: 1025,
username: “email username”,
password: “email password”,
tls: :if_available, # can be :always or :never
ssl: false, # can be true
retries: 1

Will add more info if I recall what worked for me

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Thanks for your reply, but your configuration seems to use a custom mailer, if I understood right. We are trying to configure the coherence mailer, which seems to be fully prepared to create the e-mail and send it.

Our problem is that, even with all configuration in place exactly as shown in Coherence docs, nothing is sent. We see the e-mail created, we see all the preparation and we see that was sent successfully but nothing is really sent.

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Hi everyone. After buy a domain and put in the Coherence configuration the email was sent normally.

We needed to configure the domain in Mailgun platform too.

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