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Hey everyone! I am just about done with the MVP of my first Phoenix application and I can’t believe how much it has taught me! Coming from a Rails background I expected to learn a lot about FP, but I learned so much about fundamental web concepts.

A couple years ago I set up a slack channel for people who were searching to collaborate on a project and it was cool to see how many people just wanted experience working with other developers.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Collaboration section. I’m not going to build a slack or anything I think the people here are awesome already. I would personally love a collaboration contest that happened every quarter (or whenever) where people can team up to build projects like a hackathon, but over a longer amount of time.

I have three years of development experience, but have only ever worked on teams of 1 or 2. Even the professional Rails gig I had only had one other senior developer. I think there is a lot of value in pairing especially when one is newer to the language. If anyone is interested on working on something together, let me know. Any experience level is welcome, we had several people join who didn’t know a lick of Rails and by the time we had built our first MVP they were hirable.


We have a #your-libraries-projects:projects section where you can post project ideas / where you’re seeking partners etc :003:

Yeah, I thought about that, but I’m not really seeking out a partner for a project. When I was a much newer dev I really wanted a place where I could get some experience working with other devs or at least see the process.

I think the biggest difference between that section and what I am suggesting is where the focus lies. I wonder if there would be a lot of participation if there was an ongoing elixir education project either ran by the forums. There could even be stipulations put on individual projects (i.e. the first project, pair programming is required, the app will have a stateful backend, etc.)

Adding a little twist to collaborative projects could be fun along with giving some developers an opportunity to work on big projects they might have been too intimidated to work on.

I would even be willing to put something together for the first one to spearhead if someone wanted. What do you guys think?

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