Come build a collaborative photography service in Elixir in Seattle

Hi, my team is looking for someone with strong Elixir chops to join our server team here in Seattle.

Come be part of a small team of senior developers working on a combined client/cloud application and infrastructure for collaborative photography workflow built using modern functional programming languages (currently Elixir and Elm).

Adobe is seeking a senior server developer with deployment and operational experience to help us turn an early-stage cloud/client service into a robust, operational, production-ready service.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly ( if you’d like more information.


Hi! I’m more than willing to get my hand onto it!
I’m inside Elixir since early 2015. Since that time my mindset has been completely rebuild having functional and tail-recursive perspectives in mind. I’m a free sailing GenServer-ish guy and I really want to take on this opportunity.
Elixir and functional programming approach is the way I see programming right now. Times and times again I find out what I am really missing in my current Job and it is true challenging tasks that I’m passionate working on.
Apart from Elixir, I have a deep passion in developing something ‘more real and tangible’ than ‘business solutions’.
Photography (image processing, etc) is definitely something that boggles my mind when thinking about what I could be working on. I vave applied mathmatics masters degree. Working on professional software development market since summer 2004. almost 3 years workred as SDE II in Microsoft and I feel I’m in my prime right now.
I’m also familiar with Elm (read the documentation, some videos on YouTube), but so far I didn;t go further in Elm (as is seemed to be scattering due to lack of time, which I put into Elixir).
I would love to get into a closer contact and start a dialog where we could easily settle all dots and understand how and whether or not we fit each others needs and interests.

Cheers and Best Regards, Dmitry.