Committee -⚡️Supercharged git hooks manager in pure Elixir

Hey guys! I just published a new library which is a git hook manager called Committee .

It does what a hook manager normally does, but I think the really interesting feature that distinguishes Committee from other hook managers is the fact that you can run any Elixir code with Committee.

Would really appreciate any feedback from you guys, read more over on GitHub to learn more about it!


I just published a new version of Committee (0.2.0) that has a couple of exciting features!

There’s some refactoring using tagged tuple, but most notably it now has to ability to backup, restore your existing Git hooks, and also uninstall Committee cleanly (which removes Committee and restores existing backed-up hooks), thanks to a few new contributors. Much appreciated to those new contributors.

Give it a whirl and let me know what do you people think!

Awesome tool! I’ll be giving this a whirl soon for sure. Thanks for this :slight_smile:

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