Comparing existing language/Solution/stacks with Elixir ecosystem?

q. Any differentiating technology from other lang/framework that elixir does?Like (ROR)
q. what advantages does the Elixir/(elixir based frameworks provide)?
q.What are some case studies I can find regarding elixir(related frameworks) for improvement moving from other stacks?

Some general answers could be.
Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM): Elixir runs on the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM), which is known for its reliability, fault tolerance, and concurrency capabilities. BEAM is designed to handle thousands of lightweight processes simultaneously, making it highly suitable for building scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

Concurrency and Fault Tolerance: Elixir leverages the actor model for concurrency, allowing individual lightweight processes to communicate and share data while maintaining isolation.

Phoenix Framework: Phoenix is a web framework built on Elixir that brings these advantages to web development. It’s designed for performance, scalability, and real-time features. Phoenix LiveView, for instance, enables server-rendered (SSR) real-time web applications without writing complex JavaScript.

But I am looking for real world case studies.An examples could be excerpt from Programming Phoenix >=1.4.
explain why how,why resulted in?Not limiting to language but also including their supporting frameworks.

Bleacher Report was able to replace 150 instances running Ruby on Rails with 5 Phoenix instances, which has been proven to handle eight times their average load at a fraction of the cost.

Why Are Templates So Fast in Phoenix? After compilation, templates are functions. Since Phoenix builds templates using linked lists rather than string concatenation the way many imperative languages do, one of the traditional bottlenecks of many web frameworks goes away. Phoenix doesn’t have to make huge copies of giant strings. Since Elixir has only a single copy of the largest and most frequently used strings in your application, the hardware caching features of most CPUs can come into play. The book’s introduction talked about the performance of the routing layer. The performance of the view layer is just as important. For more details, see Elixir RAM and the Template of Doom. [12]

Elixir and its ecosytem the differentiating technology that it brings compared to other stacks?

The BEAM can actually handle millions of processes if you really want to boast about it. :wink: :smile: