Compiler can't find grouppath

Hi, I ran a generator to add a Group model, controller, etc. But had to move some files around and fix some aliases because the generator put the new files in the wrong place. Now I am getting this error on compile:

== Compilation error in file lib/book_list_web/controllers/group_controller.ex ==
** (CompileError) lib/book_list_web/controllers/group_controller.ex:23: 
undefined function group_path/3

I’ve looked at existing modules, e.g., in user_controller.ex there is

|> put_resp_header("location", user_path(conn, :show, user))

However, I can’t find a definition of user_path to imitate for group_path.

Does your group_controller.ex contain all the uses that it needs as a controller?

I dug up some old toy project of mine, and it contains a line similar to this:

import App.Web.Router.Helpers, only: page_page: 2]

Its phoenix 1.3-RC though.

Got it working now – it was a uses statement. Thanks so much!!