Compiler's source code


I have a question where I could check how the Elixir / Erlang compiler works? Is there any public source code or is it top secret? :wink:

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Ok so you have to be level over 9000 to see the source code of either… nope :wink:

All is on Github. Elixir’s public repo is here:

and Erlang’s:

Both repositories contain compiler as well as some core tools + standard libraries.


Hehe I saw the repos :slight_smile: I just expected something more than I found :smiley: Anyway, thanks :slight_smile:

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oh well. In Erlang peek into lib/compiler. Elixir hasn’t got dedicated directory I think but you can follow the “mix compile” task execution from to locate relevant code. Most of the compiler compiler thing is in written in Erlang I believe:


You are correct. Elixir is parsed using the Leex Lexical Analizer Generator and the Yecc Parser Generator.

The grammar file that Yecc will use to parse Elixir code is This is the place where things like operator precedence are stated, and is probably what you were looking for. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to note that Elixir’s grammar is quite small, as nearly everything that seems a ‘keyword’ in Elixir is actually just a macro or a function. The only things that are bootstrapped in Erlang to allow the Kernel elixir module to compile are found in the elixir_bootstrap.erl module:

It’s quite interesting to see how e.g. defmodule is implemented in the Kernel module itself.

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