Concerns about Icann selling TLDs

Anyone else think it’s crazy that TLDs are being ‘auctioned off’ to the highest bidder?

The latest is .web, sold for $135m

No idea why Icann needs to raise cash - it makes enough from the sale/reg fee of m(/b?)illions of domains every year.

Also looks like .webs was sold for a whopping, 1 (yes one!) dollar :icon_rolleyes:


Holy shit. This is horrible.

I do not at all understand why this is happening. I really liked ICANN’s old approach of “A TLD has a designated purpose, but everyone that follows that purpose is allowed to use them”. Good examples are .org for non-profit organizations, .edu for educational websites, .com for commercial websites and every countries own TLD.

Google snatching away .dev is something I really dislike, and actually broke or will break some of our in-house testing pages, as .dev was often used for a special hostsfile override to the development environment of some project.

I find it really bad that companies can get their hands at top-level domains. It feels like it hampers the freedom on the internet. Names are so important nowadays. These monolith companies don’t block a single name, but rather a whole slew of possible names.

But, well, what can we do?


Yep, I think it’s awful - it’s leading to a two tier internet and I think that goes against the spirit of things.

What can we do? Protest :icon_twisted:

The only good thing is that because there are sooooooo many new TLDs now, they are just becoming more and more insignificant. But then, who knows what the situation will be like 50 years from now when all of the last few .coms have disappeared :lol:

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