Configure Phoenix on https

Hi ,

I need help on how to run phoenix server on https.
I have done trying mix phx.gen.cert .
Please help asap.

As I do not like to have the BEAM on port 443 directly, I’d use a load balancer or reverse proxy in front and let that deal with the HTTPS stuff, while keeping the backend HTTP.

As with @NobbZ I usually use a reverse proxy in front of the Elixir app … for a few reasons. It makes scaling out a bit easier as I can deploy more nodes in behind the proxy, and as I typically use LetsEncrypt certs for most things and I have yet to find a nice and simple LetsEncrypt integration for phoenix (and I have been too busy/lazy to write one?) it is easier to use something like nginx as the HTTPS provider. The standard LetsEncrypt certbot will set up the nginx SSL for you quite quickly, and then I have it proxy to a local http port which the Phoenix app is configured to listen on.

Is using nginx or similar an option for you, or is it a requirement to have Phoenix do the HTTPS support as well?