Conn case how to setup tags custom request header

Is there a way that I can set global-wide request header inside conn_case.ex?
I would like to set the authorization header for all the tests since setting it in every file is a bit annoying.

This does not work:

# test/support/conn_case.ex
setup tags do
    pid = Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.start_owner!(MyApp.Repo, shared: not tags[:async])
    on_exit(fn -> Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.stop_owner(pid) end)
    {:ok, conn: Phoenix.ConnTest.build_conn()}

         "Bearer " <> Application.get_env(:myapp, MyAppWeb.Endpoint)[:api_key]

You need to pass the conn to put_req_header:

conn =
  |> Phoenix.ConnTest.put_req_header("authorization", "...")

{:ok, conn: conn}

Personally, I do this in the test code with a helper. This way I can test the unauthorized requests too.

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It is actually Plug.Conn.put_req_header, but

Thanks a lot!!