Connecting a Livebook to an app that does not have Vega-Lite?

I have an Elixir app running in production, that I can connect to with a Livebook. I want to be able to create Vega-Lite plots using data directly from calling functions in the running app’s modules, however this app does not have Vega-Lite, Kino etc.

What is the recommended approach to connecting a Livebook to a production app, while also being able to use these custom dependencies?


You could install them at the top of the Livebook with Mix.install, e.g.

  {:vega_lite, "~> 0.1.3"},
  {:kino, "~> 0.5.0"}
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If I try that, it says that “Mix is not available” … For context, I run Livebook locally using the script.

You cannot do that (install VegaLite in a running app). Your best option is to use a regular Livebook and then use :rpc to call the remote node and get the necessary information for plotting.