Connecting to Azure Service Bus with rabbitmq-amqp1.0-client

Has anyone had any success connecting to Azure Service Bus with rabbitmq-amqp1.0-client? I’m trying with:

conf = %{
  address: "[namespace]",
  container_id: "test_container",
  port: 5672,
  sasl: {:plain, "[keyname]", "[keyvalue"}
:amqp10_client.open_connection conf

but keep getting:
{:error, {:shutdown, {:failed_to_start_child, :reader, :badarg}}}

I’ve also tried with an additional tls_opts: {5671} but get the same result.



According to

-type connection_config() ::
    #{container_id => binary(), % mandatory
      address => inet:socket_address() | inet:hostname(), % mandatory
      port => inet:port_number(), % mandatory
      % the dns name of the target host
      % required by some vendors such as Azure ServiceBus
      hostname => binary(),
      tls_opts => {secure_port, [ssl:ssl_option()]}, % optional
      notify => pid(), % Pid to receive protocol notifications. Set to self() if not provided
      max_frame_size => non_neg_integer(), % incoming max frame size
      idle_time_out => non_neg_integer(), % heartbeat
      sasl => none | anon | {plain, User :: binary(), Password :: binary(),
      % set this to a negative value to allow a sender to "overshoot" the flow
      % control by this margin
      transfer_limit_margin => 0 | neg_integer()}

address should be inet:socket_address() or inet:hostname().

In your example you use a binary.

Maybe try

conf = %{
  address: '[namespace]', # note the single quotes
  container_id: "test_container",
  port: 5672,
  sasl: {:plain, "[keyname]", "[keyvalue"}
:amqp10_client.open_connection conf

That wouldn’t work according to the type spec above. You’d need something like tls_opts: {5671, []} instead.

Thanks - that definitely seemed to improve things. Now I’m getting an {:ok, pid} response, but that’s rapidly followed by:

[warn] Socket closed while in state 'expecting_frame_body'
[warn] terminating reader with ':normal'
[info] Conn received DOWN from Reader :normal :hdr_sent
[warn] terminating connection with ':normal'

Any ideas on that one? I seem to get it regardless of whether I use :tls_opts (your corrected version or mine) or not, so doesn’t seem to be related to that.

Also I read that typespec a little closer and finally picked up on the hostname comment, so I’m currently sending:

conf = %{
  address: '[namespace]',
  container_id: "test_container",
  hostname: "[namespace]",
  port: 5672,
  sasl: {:plain, "[keyname", "[keyvalue]"},
  tls_opts: {5671, []}

I’ll keep poking around

I wound up abandoning this approach for the time being as I couldn’t figure out what was causing the connection to close. I’m using the HTTP interface instead, but it has… quirks. The main one being that when you are receiving messages from a partitioned topic, you need to configure a timeout of at least 60s, and it may well take that long to receive a message that is there in the subscription/queue at the start of the request. I’ve reached out to MS for clarification - the REST API is definitely the poor cousin to AMQP.

Hey @mick
is there any update with your effort with rabbitmq-amqp1.0-client? I’m trying to connect with Azure bus as well and hit upon on the same error.

[warn] Socket closed while in state 'expecting_frame_body'

@shankardevy in the end I just went with the HTTP interface. I ironed out some of the quirks with MS support staff so it seems to work reasonably well. The main takeaways are to have long-ish timeouts on the HTTP connections (I use 150s) and in the query string (120s) and use a connection pool so the same tcp connection is re-used. I can’t really report on stability as my app is still in development, is essentially a toy, and therefore not well tested or used.

@mick if you are still after this, you could try this code. It works for me:

conf = %{
  :container_id => <<"test-container">>,
  :address => '',
  :port => 5671,
  :hostname => <<"">>,
  :tls_opts => {:secure_port,[]},
  :sasl =>
  :transfer_limit_margin => 100
{:ok, conn} = :amqp10_client.open_connection(conf)
{:ok, session} = :amqp10_client.begin_session(conn)
{:ok, sender } = :amqp10_client.attach_sender_link(session, "test-sender", "command")
out_msg ="my-tag", "my-body", false)
ok = :amqp10_client.send_msg(sender, out_msg)

I apologize for bumping such an old thread, but has anyone had success getting the rabbitmq-amqp1.0-client to build with mix lately? I keep getting make errors when it tries to build the lager dependency.

~/workspace/elixir/azservicebus/deps/amqp10_client @b09e35bf ?1                                                                                                                 root@MININT-D5HUE99 23:36:06 ❯ make                                                                                                                                                                                                       make[1]: Entering directory '/mnt/c/Users/wisingle/workspace/elixir/azservicebus/deps/amqp10_client/deps/rabbit_common'
make[2]: Entering directory '/mnt/c/Users/wisingle/workspace/elixir/azservicebus/deps/amqp10_client/deps/rabbitmq_codegen'
make[2]: Leaving directory '/mnt/c/Users/wisingle/workspace/elixir/azservicebus/deps/amqp10_client/deps/rabbitmq_codegen'
Error: No Makefile to build dependency /mnt/c/Users/wisingle/workspace/elixir/azservicebus/deps/amqp10_client/deps/lager. recipe for target 'deps' failed
make[1]: *** [deps] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/mnt/c/Users/wisingle/workspace/elixir/azservicebus/deps/amqp10_client/deps/rabbit_common' recipe for target 'deps' failed
make: *** [deps] Error 2