"Connection refused" when accessing the target on nerves.local

Thanks, pushed the project to the gitlab. https://gitlab.com/dabo77/nerves-test-cam

Oh, that is interessting, because I try to implement the example project. I must not change it that much, but yeah.

Do you mean in my local console? No, but I think I missed something. Was I supposed to type in the console something else? So I mean more than just “iex -S mix”. Oder is that enough because the Plug is supervised in the application?

That should be enough. I’ll try to get some time to check it out locally and see if i can get the webserver running.

Merge Request submitted. I got the local/host version working.

make sure to run mix deps.compile on your host machine after checking out the new version.

You should see a “1280x720” image rendered on screen now.

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Hi! Thank you very much for taking your time and helping me! Your fix made everything work. I could start it locally at my host and then it worked finally on the target device too!

So the error was in the configuration of Cowboy, right? Could you please (briefly) explain, what exactly the problem was? So that I also could mark it as a solution.

Thanks a lot!

For the local version, Cowboy was not getting started at all you can see here https://gitlab.com/dabo77/nerves-test-cam/merge_requests/1/diffs#cef8101db5cebaccd9a619a95d728f1f228b889c_20_20 it was only getting started for the non-host version.

For the deployed version, I think it was the way Picam.Camera was getting started.

But I’m not totally sure.

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Oh, okay, I see. Thanks a lot!

I am having similar issue on Picam and LAN connection.
In my case, Picam.Camera.start_link makes wlan0 error out to disconnect.

When I run start_link locally, it is perfectly OK. But when it is invoked on initializing even after 5 seconds of startup, wlan0 error comes out. Then reboot occurs a few times to pass through start_link. Finally it is settled down over the unstable process to be OK.
The events are unstable so that Picam and Lan are interfered each other.

My target is RPi2 with Wifi USB dongle. I thought that’s why.
However this article case is on RPi3. I don’t know if it is the same issue, though.

Sounds like you probably have an application that is set to permanent startup crashing on startup. Without any errors it’s hard to tell what’s happening.

Thanks for your concern and I am quite sorry to miss your reply for a while.

As long as I avoid initializing of both Picam start_link() and Wlan0 simultaneously, it is OK. So I run start_link() on the console.
I set this issue aside to resolve some day.

Upload through Wlan0 always fails after Picam start_link() starts. The unstable behavior on my previous article seems to come from incorrect program by mis-uploading.

Thanks again and please help me to solve this issue when I get new information.