Could not render "new.html" for RumbleWeb.UserView

I currently make it thru “Programming Phoenix” from I’m as far that i have a controller (UserController) with the functions index, new and show. Index and show work perfectly fine but for the new function i get the error:

# Could not render "new.html" for RumbleWeb.UserView, please define a matching clause for render/2 or define a template at "lib/rumble_web/templates/user". The following templates were compiled:
* index.html 
* show.html 

The file new.html.eex exists. I have checked my code against the book several times and could not find out why the html template under templates/user/new.html.eex can not be compiled. I tried to remove the code in new.html.eex to a simple string but did not help either.

What does your router and user controller look like?

After a lot of testing i found a solution. I executed ‘mix deps.clean --all’ which forced a recompile and everything worked.