Cowboy 2 - doing cleanup work after connection closes

A part of my app does some work to create a file, sends the file to the client, and then deletes the file.

With Cowboy 1, the following worked fine:

send_file(conn, 200, filename)

Because the file handle was already held by the send_file call, deleting the file right away worked fine in Cowboy 1. But with Cowboy 2, there is a two-processes-per-connection architecture, and the above no longer works.

What should I be doing instead?


@anelixiruser Your best bet is to do what Plug.Upload does and have another process create a temp file and monitor your http process, and then it deletes that file when the http process exits. We extracted the logic into although we really need to handle some issues / update the hex docs for that package.

{:ok, path} = Briefly.create
File.write!(path, "Some Text")
content =!(path)
# When this process exits, the file at `path` is removed

With this, you don’t need to call File.rm explicitly at all.


Thanks for the suggestion! That library is awesome both as an implementation and an example, and it looks like it does a much better job of addressing a bunch of edge cases I have not yet had a chance to deal with.

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