Cowboy transparent clustering?

Hi guys, as far as i understand inner design of cowboy server, it creates an independent process for every request and websocket channel. Since Erlang VM is capable of transparent initiation of processes through a cluster of nodes, it seems that there should be possibility to create transparent cowboy clusters.

Where am i wrong?
If not, is there already an implementation of such behavior?
If not, will that solution be demanded an maybe it worth contribution from a community?

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Alexander Salnikov


So @insider did you solve your problem?

I doubt that you will find a ready to use solution, because there probably is none. And I am uncertain if it is needed. I mean, I understand it would have the benefit of being able to expose one of the nodes in the cluster as a “front-end” node and it would distribute the traffic handling to other nodes. But you can do that with existing tech now, probably with better result.

You can start a Cowboy on each of the cluster nodes, on each of the servers. Then you put another server in front of them, that is Nginx or HAProxy to do the load balancing. I think this is pretty standard set up to do so…


Unfortunately, no. I am aware of existing solutions like HAProxy and Nginx, it just would be cool to have a native environment with better transparency

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