Create a receive with a large timeout

receive do
      {event} ->
        IO.puts "event"
      duration ->
        IO.puts "duration or timeout"

i have a spawn process which is implemented like that. duration can be equal to 31536000000 ms which represents a year in ms. It works well for a day, a week, a month but not more. How can i get this thing work? the error I receive is

[error] Process #PID<0.295.0> raised an exception
** (ErlangError) erlang error: :timeout_value

Thank you for the help

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If you check in the Erlang documentation in the reference manual on the receive expression,, it explicitly says "ExprT is to evaluate to an integer. The highest allowed value is 16#FFFFFFFF, that is, the value must fit in 32 bits." and that ExprT is in milliseconds. This means that if you want a longer time then you will have to implement it in a sequence or loop of receive.