Create postgresql extension when deploying to gigalixir

14:36:20.654 [info] == Running 20190906134236 Stipe.Repo.Migrations.CreateUsers.change/0 forward
14:36:20.655 [info] execute "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS citext WITH SCHEMA public;"
▸  Given the following expression:, :ecto_repos)), Application.app_dir(:stipe, "priv/repo/migrations"), :up, all: true)
▸  The remote call failed with:
▸  ** (exit) %Postgrex.Error{connection_id: 27669, message: nil, postgres: %{code: :insufficient_privilege, file: "extension.c", hint: "Must be superuser to create this extension.", line: "792", message: "permission denied to create extension \"citext\"", pg_code: "42501", routine: "execute_extension_script", severity: "ERROR"}, query: nil}

How do I create postgresql extension when deploying to gigalixir free account?

It looks like I dont have enough privilege

My assumption were that it’s not possible, and I’d check if it’s available in the paid plan.

But perhaps @jesse can give you a better answer?


Yeah, sorry about that. It’s available on standard dbs, but not free dbs.
See the db section here


thanks. Do you know why postgresql extensions are not included?