Creating a Slovak Elixir community - any tips?

We are going to create some Slovak Elixir community. First I think it will be just FB Group and later we will see, maybe some meetups, etc…

Do you have any suggestions? What kind of stuff did help to create community in your country? Etc. Thank you for any advice


I would start putting together a list of people you know in the area then when you feel you have enough, have a get-together - then see what your group thinks and go with the flow after that :003:

Good luck!


yeah, but it looks like we are only one company in our country which is working with Elixir app in production. Also I wrote to some people and they just tried some “todo” with Elixir and that’s all. Some people wrote they are going to try something in future.

I was thinking to create FB group and post there some articles, links and good stuff for Elixir and maybe people will come. I hope :smiley: But I’m afraid of posting too much or too less articles and what can be good for new people, etc…

try Telegram as well.

I built Elixir Indonesian User Group on FB, it has 94 members.

On Telegram Elixir Indonesian User group, we have more than 500 members.