Creating a virtual input (mouse, keyboard etc.) on Nerves

Hi everyone,

For my current project, I need to create a virtual input to emulate a mouse.
I have a custom C program that currently take control of an existing /dev/input/eventX mouse input and send custom input_event messages. This works well.
And now i’m trying to do the same but on a virtual input device using uinput.
It looks like uinput is not loaded when i do lsmod although i saw that uinput could be built into the kernel and not be considered as a module so this could be the reason.
So because of that i can’t do modprobe uinput to activate uinput.

I tried to create it manually using mknod /dev/uinput c 10 223 and (tried also on /dev/input/uinput) and then set the permission to 666 but in all cases, when i try to create / access uinput from my C program, i’m getting errors such as No such device or Bad file descriptor depending on the method used (I tried with both libevdev and the lower-level uinput interface).

Is uinput built into the kernel or do i need to somehow activate it?
Does anyone know if what i’m trying to is feasible on a nerves-based device?
Is there maybe another way to create a virtual mouse device?

Found my problem.
I had to call make linux-menuconfig and enable uinput inside Device drivers to have this working.
For some reasons i was focusing only on menuconfig to find uinput and forgot about linux-menuconfig.