Creating an example repo for end-user custom domains, would love examples of how others handle this

Hi folks, I’m going to create an example repo for how to build an end-user custom domains feature in Phoenix (maybe non-phoenix as well). I know of a few couple of ways it can be done, but I’m wondering if anyone else has handled this that might be willing to share how how you’ve implemented it in your app code.

For example, if you had a blog hosting app, an end-user custom domain would mean letting users connect their own domain to their specific blog - i.e. loading it from instead of

My goal here is to get a well rounded idea for how people are handling this, and potentially provide a few examples of how someone could go about it. Rather than just how I would do it.

If you aren’t comfortable posting publicly, please feel free to privately message me, there’s no need to share code bases or anything if you can’t do that.

Thank you!