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How database transactions work in Ecto and why Elixir makes it awesome?

Curiosum is a blog for curious people :slight_smile: There are two of us - myself and Michał. We mostly write about Elixir programming, but not only. This is our first post, let us know what you think!


What’s the difference between alias, import, require and use in Elixir?

Handling dependencies is a pretty basic topic, however pretty confusing when you start your journey with a programming language. I’ve done my best to cover how it’s done in Elixir.

Any questions or suggestions? Let me know :wink:

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Does your blog have an rss feed?

Unfortunately not yet, but we’re working on bringing any kind of content subscription to life.
Pretty soon you’ll be able to subscribe via:

  • RSS feed,
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We’ll let you know once it’s ready :slight_smile: