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Our newest article Modern Talking with Elixir: Build a Messenger App with Phoenix LiveView is out!

This is the beginning of a series of tutorials where Michał will show you step by step how to create an application (based on Phoenix LiveView) similar to the Messenger app we are all familiar with.

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Hey, we’ve just issued a new article - Elixir Trickery: Using Macros & Metaprogramming Without Superpowers.

Metaprogramming sounds scary, but in Elixir you don’t need supernatural powers to use it to great success - find out how, why and when to do this. Plus, there are practical examples of what macros can actually help you with!

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Hello again, we’ve published another episode of our Modern Talking with Elixir series - this time we’re actually bootstrapping our Phoenix LiveView app with a database structure for a Messenger app, and creating our initial LiveView page.

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We’ve added a new Modern Talking with Elixir episode - dealing with live updates via Phoenix PubSub and authenticating users with Pow.

It’s not the last part, so we encourage you to wait for more of this :slight_smile:

Looks great!

I got two comments for the Pow section:

  1. You could move the :cache_store_backend option to the config rather than having it at the endpoint, but I definitely prefer to have most of the config as close as possible to the relevant code rather than in the app env. This may have been the intention, but wasn’t clear to me.

  2. Pow by default assigns :current_user to the conn, so you only need a plug that can preload what’s needed. That plug would essentially be the same as the current one though, but the description of makes it sound like :current_user isn’t assigned by default.

Hi guys, long break in this thread but we’re back with new post - this time about testing HTTP in Elixir :slight_smile:

New blog post! :slight_smile:


Why Elixir & Phoenix is a great choice for your web app in 2022

New post on our blog :slight_smile:

Could you also add support for specific category rss feed? For example:

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Good idea @Eiji :slight_smile: I’ll add it to our todo list

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A new blog post landed! :slight_smile: This time, I’m presenting our approach to Phoenix Context maintainability.

In reference to this announcement: Introducing Kanta - the ultimate solution to translations in Elixir & Phoenix web apps, we published a new blog post with introduction to Kanta :slight_smile:


What’s the easiest way to seed a prod database with data from dev database? I guess we would need to use a PO Writer plugin. I would prefer to have a task which generates priv/repo/kanta_seeds.exs file which could be used only in prod. That’s because the seeds runs before application starts and following docs po files are read when application starts. What do you think about it?

Hey, thanks for the question. This feature is not yet done, so, unfortunately, you have to fill in the translations on production.

However, this is a top priority regarding new additions - being able to sync production with dev or staging. We need a simple API for this (potentially only one endpoint) and a mechanism to send all of the translations to this endpoint.

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New post about Elixir streams and list comprehension on our blog